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Motor Drivers

Motor Drivers
Model: A4988 Stepper Motor Driver With Heatsink
A4988 is a complete microstepping motor driver with built-in translator for easy operation. This product is available in full, half, 1/4, 1/8 and 1/16 step modes operate bipolar stepper motors, output drive capacity of up to 35 V and 2 A.A4988 includes a fixed off-time current regulator, the regulat..
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Model: TMC2100 SilentStepStick Stepper Motor Driver
The TMC2100 range of stepper drivers are the latest and greatest stepper motor driver on the block. The TMC2100 stepper motor driver is packed full of the latest features. StealthChop for quiet stepper motor operation, TMC2100 StealthChop uses PWM voltage instead of current, this means nearly inaudi..
Ex Tax:৳500
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